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Warning Signs of a Potential Malpractice Lawsuit

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Knowing that you are the victim of malpractice is much easier to determine than predicting whether you will experience an act of malpractice. Unlike a medical malpractice circumstance, a professional malpractice is more difficult to ascertain, as the injuries you may sustain are not physical or medical. Although you may have felt “wronged” in some…

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What Should I Do If My Employer Refuses to Pay for Back Injuries?

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Auto manufacturing in North Carolina is an extremely popular industry, employing approximately 400,000 workers with manufacturing jobs. Major automotive competitors have planted roots in the Tar Heel state, with more than 150 companies serving several North Carolina cities, including Charlotte.   With so many employees working in manufacturing, injuries are inevitable and occur frequently. In…

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6 Workplace Injuries that Could Happen to Anyone

Charlotte North Carolina workers compensation lawyer

Each job or industry has its own unique set of safety and health risks that are associated with that job type. For example, a schoolteacher is much less likely to suffer from cuts and burns than a chef will. In contrast, a chef is at a much smaller risk of contracting a disease or illness…

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Unsafe Working Conditions Violate Employees’ Rights

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One of Augusta’s largest industries, major manufacturing, generates a significantly large number of available jobs for the city. This popular industry attracts many Georgia residents, and usually offers a solid pay and a competitive benefit plan. With the large number of employees the industry is responsible for, issues such as employee safety and the condition…

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Work-Related Burns That Deserve Compensation

workers' comp lawyer in Augusta GA

Did you know that construction workers are at the highest risk for frequent work-related injuries? Construction work is labor-intensive, requires prolonged exposure to the sun, involves handling hazardous equipment, and is generally dangerous. Injuries and severe burns from hot cement are reported as one of the most common risks associated with the job. Construction workers…

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Is Your Employer Putting You At Risk for Lung Disease?

workers' comp injury attorney in Augusta GA

Frequently exposure to certain chemicals at your workplace can cause a variety of problems to your health—namely your lungs. Certain cancers and diseases can develop as a result of long-term exposure to chemicals in the workplace. Because of the nature of their location, environment, and job duties, some jobs are more health-hazardous than others are.…

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7 Signs of Spinal Cord Injury after an Auto Accident

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After the arduous task of working with your insurance company after an auto accident, you may be less-than-ready to file a lawsuit for your related injuries. After being involved in an auto accident, many people who have not sustained obviously serious injuries may skip the visit to the doctor, and focus on damages to their…

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6 Seat Belt Injuries You Should Know About

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Motorists who are involved in a car accidents are at high risk for serious internal injuries caused by something they may have never deemed as a threat—their seat belts. Doctors at MedStar Emergency Medical Services say that seat belts and airbags (originally seen as protective devices) have the potential to create serious injuries such as:…

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