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Women Taking Legal Action Against Bad Birth Control

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Lauren Betancourt is infamously responsible for the recall of thousands of defective birth control pills packages, after winning a five million dollar lawsuit against Qualitest Pharmaceuticals in 2011. Lauren claims that she had been religiously following her birth control regimen—as prescribed on the packaging—for several months before she began noticing changes to her body. Typically,…

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Could You Have a Winning Slip and Fall Case?

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Anyone can sustain a serious physical injury after an accidental slip and fall, while regularly carrying out his or her daily life. For instance, in 2009, Sue Brown—a Georgia resident—brought a lawsuit against AMC Theaters at Southlake Mall after accidentally tripping over a “Wet Floor” sign that was lying flat on the lobby floor. According…

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4 Mistakes Most People Make After an Auto Accident

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Most people do not anticipate being involved in a car accident while they are on their way to work. The irony of this is that sometimes car accidents are unavoidable in a busy metropolitan area such as Augusta. Actually, drivers should remain cautious while driving, as these inevitable instances are completely unpredictable. Having an emergency…

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Is Whiplash from a Car Accident Considered a Serious Injury?

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Unfortunately for Augusta residents, car accidents occur all too frequently. Statistics from the state of Georgia’s Office of Highway Safety show that at least 3,500 people are critically injured in car crashes each month. Additional data proves that the majority of these crashes are related to speeding. Considering the number of critical car crashes per…

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Are You an Independent Contractor and Suffering from an Injury?

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Although each state has its own workers’ compensation laws, typically benefits are only awarded to part-time and full-time employee. However, businesses are finding that hiring short-term independent contractors during peak periods save them time and money, in terms of training, pay, and benefits—as independent contractors are specialists in their field, and set their own pay…

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Last Night’s Bar Fight Could Mean Personal Injury Lawsuit

Many people over the legal drinking age of twenty-one regularly visit bars and clubs to check out the local social scene. Depending on how often you visit bars, you might have witnessed–or possibly been involved—in a bar fight. It happens. Sometimes, regularly law-abiding citizens who have consumed too much alcohol make the poor decision of…

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Federal Law Forces Hospitals to Pay for Patient Infections

Under Title III of the Affordable Care Act, hospitals in the United States have a responsibility to promote public health, and to “reduce necessary errors that can harm patients.” This includes preventing the spreading of infectious diseases, and preventing patients from sustaining further injuries to their health—while under the hospital’s care. Title III of the…

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The Rise in Atlanta’s Truck and Tractor-Trailer Fatalities Cause for Concern among Residents

Entrepreneurs and commercial businesses flock to Atlanta’s metropolitan area every year, at increasing rates. This proves to be beneficial for the state of Georgia’s economy, and even for some consumers. The unexpected upsurge in consumer demand explains the seemingly omnipresence of large trucks and tractor-trailers on Atlanta’s interstate highways—and the number of related fatalities. According…

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Car Accidents in Atlanta and What You Should Know

According to Atlanta’s Auto Accidents Database, Georgia’s heavy rainy season and mountainous terrain are responsible for the area’s reputation for having the deadliest interstates in the U.S. Subsequently, Georgia is among the top 10 on the list of worst states for auto accidents. If your regular commute involves driving through Atlanta’s metropolitan area, then protecting…

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Is My Nonphysical Injury Worth Compensation Benefits?

Many individuals may feel that workers’ compensation benefits are only for individuals who have suffered from serious physical injuries such as broken bones and torn ligaments. However, workers’ compensation benefits can cover many areas of physical and nonphysical injuries to include biological infections, and mental disorders. Employees and workers who have had their health affected…

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