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Expedited Disability Determination Programs

Charlotte North Carolina social security disability insurance lawyer

Applying for and receiving approval to collect Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits is a time-consuming process. This can be especially stressful for those who have been diagnosed with serious illnesses and need medical care and living expenses right away. Recognizing this dilemma, the Social Security Administration (SSA) created a few different expedited disability determination…

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Injuries Caused by Defective Toys

personal injury lawyer in Charlotte NC

Most people are aware of the dangers posed by children playing in the street or swimming unattended at the local pool. Few realize, however, that children’s toys can be just as dangerous if they are negligently designed or manufactured. Injuries caused by dangerous toys can be extremely serious and in some cases, even life-threatening, so…

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Are Repetitive Stress Injuries Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

work injury claim attorney in Augusta GA

Often, when people think of a workplace injury, they imagine a single accident, such as an employee falling and sustaining a head injury. In reality, many injuries covered by workers’ compensation develop over time as a result of minor, repetitive movements that are performed over a period of months or years. These types of injuries…

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Occupational Skin Diseases

work injury claim lawyer in Charlotte NC

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as many as 13 million workers are exposed to chemicals nationwide. Tragically, this exposure leads thousands to contract occupational skin diseases (OSD) from chemicals absorbed through the skin. In the past, officials have focused primarily on the side effects of inhaling hazardous agents. As a…

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Who is Responsible for my Foodborne Illness?

personal injury claim lawyer in Augusta Georgia

Despite the strict food safety and handling regulations put in place by the federal government, thousands of people are still hospitalized for foodborne illnesses every year. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that as many as 128,000 people are hospitalized for food poisoning on a yearly basis, of which around…

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Side Impact Car Crashes in Augusta

Augusta GA car accident lawyer

Every year, thousands of drivers and passengers are injured or killed in side impact collisions, which are also known as t-bone crashes. These types of accidents occur when a driver collides with the side of another vehicle and so are especially dangerous because the sides of a car offer very little protection from impact. Many…

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Who is Liable for my Rollover Accident?

car accident injury attorney in Atlanta

Over the last decade, the number of rollover accidents has gone up steadily across the nation, a fact that is largely attributed to the increased number of pickup trucks, SUVs, and passenger vans on the road. Rollover accidents are extremely dangerous and often fatal, so if you or a loved one were involved in this…

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Can I Collect Compensation if my Child was Injured at a Public Pool?

Atlanta Georgia personal injury claim lawyer

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as many as 10 unintentional drownings occur every day, 20 percent of which involve children 14 years old or younger. These statistics may be especially alarming for Georgia residents, many of whom take their children to public pools and water parks during the summer months.…

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Occupations Not Covered by Workers’ Compensation

worker's compensation claim attorney in Atlanta Georgia

Georgia’s workers’ compensation laws play an important role in allowing injured employees to recover for injuries they sustained on the job. Most employers are required to have workers’ compensation or be self-insured. However, there are some Georgia occupations that are not covered by workers’ compensation, so if you were injured while at work, it is…

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