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What Should I Do If I Am in an Augusta Car Accident?

Augusta Car Accident Attorney Georgia

Being involved in a car accident can be a devastating time for all parties involved. The impact of the crash can significantly shake you up and make you confused as to how to handle the situation. Knowing in advance the steps to take when an Augusta car accident occurs can make sure that you obtain…

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What Does Augusta Workers' Comp Pay?

Augusta Workers' Comp Attorney Georgia

When you file a workers’ comp claim because of injuries at work, it can be challenging to understand what exactly is paid. Each state workers’ comp is different and in Augusta, you can receive benefits for both medical expenses and lost wages as well as additional education to seek new employment. For help with filing…

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What is Included in Augusta Workers' Comp Coverage?

Augusta Workers' Comp Attorney GA

When hurt on the job because of a workplace injury, you might be wondering what type of coverage you will receive through your workers’ comp benefits. The Augusta workers’ comp program provides coverage under the law for a myriad of benefits that are designed to help you recover and return to the workforce if at…

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What can I do about nursing home abuse and neglect in Augusta, GA?

personal injury nursing home abuse

It’s a question that many of us will face at some point in our lifetimes. What do we do about seeking care for our loved ones who can’t care for themselves any longer?  Often, the answer is a long-term nursing home facility or seeking in-home professional care because we are not capable of handling the…

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What should I do after a dog attack in Atlanta, GA?

Atlanta Georgia personal injury dog attack in Atlanta claim lawyer

Dog attack in Atlanta Going to the park to enjoy the scenery or take a stroll is typically an enjoyable experience. There are people milling about, children playing and perhaps even a few artists strumming a tune on their guitars. But what happens when an unfortunate turn of events happens and you experience a park…

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What happens if I am involved in a bicycle accident in Charlotte, NC?

personal injury bicycle accident charlotte nc

Traveling on a bicycle serves many purposes these days. Whether you choose a bicycle as your main mode of transportation to get you to and from work, the grocery store, or anywhere else in the nearby vicinity, or you enjoy cycling for its exercise benefits and camaraderie with other friends and family, bicycling is a…

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What if I’m the victim of a drunk driving accident in Augusta, GA?

Augusta GA Drunk Driving Car Lawyer

Every day, there are numerous incidents of a person losing their life to a drunk driving accident. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that, on average, a death resulting from impaired driving occurs every 51 minutes in the United States, which equals 28 people per day. Unfortunately, fatalities like this can easily be…

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What should I do if I have a workers compensation case in Augusta, GA?

Augusta, Georgia Work Injury Lawyer

Although no one wants to experience getting hurt on the job, sometimes accidents happen. Whether it is the result of carelessness, machinery malfunction, or a slip and fall occurrence, accidents like these can be potentially devastating and life altering. If you’ve been hurt on the job, there are likely many questions you have in regards…

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