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Do I Have an Atlanta Personal Injury Suit If I Get Bit by a Dog?

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Georgia

Dog bites can be scary and traumatizing. They often happen unexpectedly, and there is no way to stop the act of violence from occurring. Dog owners are responsible for the actions of their pet, and if you have been bitten by a dog, you deserve compensation for your injuries through an Atlanta personal injury lawsuit.…

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What Does an Atlanta Personal Injury Claim Cover?

Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney

There are a myriad of ways that a personal injury can occur. When hurt as a result of these negligent accidents, the victim in these situations deserve full and fair compensation. You may have injuries that need medical attention or you may have missed work as a part of your recovery. Through an Atlanta personal…

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Can I File a Lawsuit for an Augusta Car Accident?

Augusta Car Accident Attorney Georgia

When you have incurred damages from an Augusta car accident, you are entitled to compensation under the law. Often times, when a Georgian is injured in a car accident, they have mounting medical bills, missed days from work, and a damaged vehicle. All of these result in a desperate need for financial relief to make…

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What If My Workers' Comp Claim Gets Denied in Georgia?

Workers' Comp Attorney Augusta Georgia

Being hurt while on the job gives you the right to access benefits under the Augusta workers’ comp program. While all injuries that happen while on the job are covered under the program, there are instances when you do not receive the benefits you are entitled to. This can make it difficult for you to…

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