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Hands-Free Law in Georgia

hands-free law Atlanta GA

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Explains New Hands-Free Law in Georgia Lawmakers in Georgia have issued a new Bill that requires drivers to use hands-free technology. This law prohibits the use of cell phones and other electronic devices while driving. The hands-free law in Georgia has come under a bit of attack from those who think…

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Workers Comp Death Benefits – How They Work in North Carolina?

workers comp death benefits Charlotte NC

How do Workers Comp Death Benefits Work in North Carolina? Workers comp death benefits work differently than regular workers comp. This is due to the fact that the person who should receive the benefits has passed away. Understanding the rules for workers comp death benefits in North Carolina can make it easier to file a…

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Burn Injury from Faulty Machinery

burn injury Atlanta GA

I Suffered a Burn Injury at Work due to Faulty Machinery – What are my Legal Options? Sustaining an injury at work, no matter how badly, can put you out of commission for some time. Even if the burn is small, you may have to miss work to get it checked out from the doctor.…

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Drunk Driving Statistics in North Carolina

drunk driving Charlotte NC

Drunk Driving Statistics in North Carolina Rates of drunk driving accidents have decreased over the past thirty years. However, there are still many pedestrian and drivers who are injured and die because someone decides to drive after drinking. Even if their blood alcohol levels are below the legal limit, they could have impaired reflexes and…

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5 Things You Need to Know About Georgia Dog Bite Laws

Georgia dog bite laws

Being injured by a dog bite can be pretty devastating. Depending on the type of dog attacks you were under, you could be facing bruises, broken bones, and the possibility of cosmetic surgery to fix the issue. Each state handles these dog bites in a different manner so understanding what the Georgia dog bite laws…

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