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How is Negligence Determined in Georgia?

Determining Negligence Atlanta, GA

If you’re in an accident caused by a reckless driver you can file a claim against them for your injuries. If you slip and fall at a restaurant because of a wet floor, you can sue the restaurant’s owner. Also, if you suffer complications following a medical procedure at a hospital, it is possible to…

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The Importance of Obtaining a Copy of the Police Accident Report

Police Accident Report Importance Atlanta, GA

An Augusta car accident lawyer will tell you a police accident report is a vital document.  It can determine if you win a personal injury case following a car accident. That is why one of the first things you should do after an accident is to call the police. The police should come to the…

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Premises Liability Law in Georgia

Premises Liability Law Atlanta, GA

The premises liability law in Atlanta, GA requires property owners to ensure people who enter their property are safe. If they fail to guarantee the safety of those on their property, they could face a lawsuit. Individuals who sustained injuries due to the property owner’s negligence can seek damages. If you received an injury while…

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Filing Personal Injury Claims on Behalf of Children in Atlanta, GA

Filing Child Injury Claim Atlanta, GA

One of the most difficult times as a parent can be when your child receives injuries in an accident. Seeing your child in all that pain and suffering can be really stressful. This is especially so if the accident that caused harm to your child did not have to occur. You’re likely to be extremely…

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What Constitutes Gross Negligence in Georgia?

Gross Negligence Augusta, GA

Gross negligence means a person’s conduct was so reckless it amounted to a conscious disregard for another person’s safety. In Atlanta, GA gross negligence goes beyond simple carelessness and includes unreasonable and willful misconduct by an individual. If you are injured because of someone’s gross negligence you can be compensated. In your personal injury lawsuit,…

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Request a Police Accident Report After an Atlanta Car Accident

Police Accident Report Atlanta, GA Lawyer

Following a car accident, one of the first things you should do is call the police. Calling the police to the accident scene ensures details of your accident are recorded.  On arriving, the police will perform several tasks. They will inspect vehicles involved in the crash, talk to witness, take photographs and so on. The…

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Understanding Georgia Premises Liability Law

Premises Liability Augusta, GA

When you patronize a restaurant, bar, hotel or any other public premises you expect to be safe.  You should leave the premises in the same state as you were when you went in. The owners of the properties have an obligation to make sure you are safe even if they are extremely busy. Should you…

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What Defines Gross Negligence in Georgia?

Gross Negligence Atlanta, GA

Everyday acts of negligence cause injuries to a lot of people. Someone’s reckless behavior can cause physical harm to you when you’re at work, driving or at a restaurant. For you to be compensated for your injuries after an accident, you must prove negligence by the party at fault. Negligence is the failure to act…

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How Are Pain and Suffering Determined in a Car Accident?

Pain And Suffering Augusta, GA

After a car crash, there are many types of damages that the affected party has the right to access. People always prioritize the economic costs such as medical bills since they are the most important. However, the amount awarded for that may not be enough so one may go ahead and request more compensation. The best…

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How to Get Compensation for a Car Accident Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury Augusta, GA Car Accident Lawyer

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) affects either a single or several parts of the brain. It occurs when the brain suffers severe trauma which leads to temporary and permanent effects. The Center for Disease Control reports that over 1.4 million Americans suffer from traumatic brain injury. Car accidents are a common cause of TBI Augusta, GA.…

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