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What Do I Do if I’m Hurt in a Car Accident with the Police in Augusta

what do i do if hurt in an auto accident with the police in augusta georgia

When a car accident strikes, it can create a situation that is emotional and scary. You may have frustration over the events of the accident and are unsure what steps to take going forward. This is often further complicated when your car accident involves the police. High pursuit police chases are becoming the norm rather…

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How to Prove Fault in an Atlanta T-Bone Car Accident

Atlanta Car accident attorney proving fault in a t-bone car accident

T-bone accidents are more common than you think. A driver may run a light or a stop sign, causing a T-bone accident with injuries and property damages. T-bone accidents account for approximately 8500 to 10,000 deaths a year and even more injuries. These types of accidents are usually severe with injuries that are life-threatening. You…

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What If I Had a Car Accident Due to Faulty Traffic Lights?

what if i had an automobile accident due to faulty traffic lights

Having a car accident can wreck anyone’s day, but if the crash was no fault of your own, you may wonder if you have legal options. Accidents, where there were faulty traffic lights, can be even more challenging to understand and fight on your own. An auto accident attorney in Augusta can help you with…

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How is Negligence Defined in Georgia?

Negligence Augusta, GA

In Augusta, GA many people file lawsuits following accidents caused by negligence. Negligence is when a person fails to act reasonably and prudently to avoid injuring another person. The law defines injuries as the physical hurt a person sustains due to another person’s negligence. You are entitled to get compensation for costs associated with your…

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Personal Injury Claims Involving Children in Augusta, GA

Personal Injury Child Claim Augusta, GA

Should your child be involved in an accident caused by a negligent person, you should file a lawsuit against them. With the help of a personal injury attorney in Augusta, you can get compensation from them for your child’s injuries. Your child’s injuries can cause you to be under a lot of stress. Seeing them…

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