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Can I Sue a Clinic for Ineffective CoolSculpting?

Can I sue a clinic for ineffective coolsculpting

One of the most popular treatments for fat removal is something called CoolSculpting. This is a relatively new procedure that people have started doing more and more. Basically, the procedure is designed to diminish the visibility of fat on people who need to lose a few pounds. It is also not designed for people who…

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Who’s at Fault in a Rear-End Collision?

Who is at fault in a rear-end collision

We see a rear-end collision every day. On our way to work, we see cars on the side of the road all the time. We stare for a moment and say a little prayer for the people involved. But, most of all, we’re just happy that we’re not the ones who got hurt. One of…

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Can There Be Multiple Parties Named in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Can there be multiple parties named in a personal injury lawsuit

There are times when more than one person is responsible for your injuries. If it was so easy to identify the one person who caused you harm, we wouldn’t need personal injury attorneys. Life is not simple. Lawsuits are complicated. Personal injury lawyers in Augusta make them a little easier. It’s hard enough dealing with…

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What Kinds of Personal Injury Cases do Atlanta Attorneys Handle?

What kinds of personal injury cases do Atlanta attorneys handle

One of the most common types of personal injury cases are a slip and falls. They can happen anywhere. It doesn’t matter where you’re walking – a store, restaurant or city street – you can slip and fall. Hopefully, if you do fall, you won’t be seriously injured. But there are times when a slip…

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What Do I Do After a Work-Related Injury in Atlanta, Georgia?

What do I do after a work related injury

You have been an employee at a local construction company for about ten years. During the course of your employment, you often need to use company equipment while working on different construction jobs. One day while working on an Atlanta site, the rotary saw you are using jams, and you suffer a serious injury to…

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What to Do if Injured in a Car Accident in Atlanta, Georgia?

What to do if injured in a car accident in Atlanta

It is a few days before Christmas, and you and your family are heading to Atlanta, Georgia to visit your parents for the holidays. You have not been able to see them since you gave birth to your new baby girl and everyone is thrilled you are going to get together for your baby’s first…

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Road Rage in Augusta

Road rage in Augusta, GA

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), as many as 67 percents of traffic fatalities are the result of at least one driver’s aggressive behavior. Drivers exhibiting road rage can be extremely dangerous and cause road rage accidents. Their actions can have devastating consequences for victims and their families, so if you were…

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