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A county known for its horse events, Aiken County in South Carolina is a picture of well-manicured fields, natural and historic spots, and charming residences. Its county seat, also called Aiken, was given the All-America City Award in 1997. As of 2012, Aiken County has a population of 162,812, many of whom are employed in management, sales, and related office occupations.

Aiken County may seem like a serene and gentle paradise, but even in this setting, accidents happen that injure and take away the lives of innocent people. If you or your loved one has experienced an injurious accident in Aiken County, don’t forget that you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

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Aiken County Accident Statistics

Though Aiken County South Carolina generally has a peaceful atmosphere, it is still part of a large metro, the Augusta-Richmond Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). With major highways traversing through and around the county which contribute to the numerous accidents in the area.

  • In 2009, about 29.5 vehicles were involved in fatal accidents per 100,000 population in Aiken County.
  • According to an official South Carolina report, Aiken County had a total of 116 injury deaths in 2010.
  • Some 8,646 non-fatal injuries were also recorded in the county in the same year.
  • A report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that in 2012, 9 fatal occupational injuries occurred in the Augusta-Richmond MSA.

Aiken County Hospitals and Medical Centers

When an accident happens, immediate medical attention can prevent injuries from worsening and becoming life-threatening. These are some of the medical institutions you can call in case of accidents in Aiken County:

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