How to Respond to Insurer Request for Medical Records?

medical records

When you file a car crash claim in Atlanta, GA, the insurance company typically asks you to provide medical evidence such as medical records. This is the evidence that specifically pertains to your crash-related injuries. However, some insurers will also try to look up your entire medical history in order to come up with unfair […]

How to Recover Compensation in an Atlanta Hit-and-Run Accident?

Atlanta hit-and-run-accidents

When you are involved in an Atlanta hit-and-run accident, recovering compensatory damages can be hard. You will need the help of an expert Atlanta car accident lawyer to explore your options. This is because unlike most accidents, the at-fault driver in a hit-and-run accident is not known. So you don’t have a party to hold […]

How to Find Traffic Accident Reports for Atlanta Crashes?

accident reports-how-to

When you are involved in a car accident, you are legally required file accident reports with the authorities. There are some exceptions to this legal obligation. For instance, if the accident involved no injuries and very little property damage, you may be exempt from reporting it. In all other cases, the local police or other […]

4 Mistakes People Make After Their Atlanta Car Accident

mistakes people make

There are hundreds of car accidents every day in Louisiana, some of them due to the mistakes people make. Most of these are minor. The drivers walk away with nothing but a few bumps and bruises. In fact, the biggest bruise may be to their ego. But there are times when these crashes are a […]

Can a Passenger in a Car Accident File a Lawsuit in Atlanta?

passenger in a car accident

Can a passenger in a car accident file a claim for their injuries?  The simple answer is Yes! Unless you’re on your way to work or school, there’s a good chance you have a passenger in your car. Most of us like to go places with other people. This means that, if someone gets into […]