How to Get a Speeding Ticket off Your Record in Augusta?

speeding ticket

A speeding ticket can be a blemish on your permanent record. When you are driving on the road, you are required to abide by traffic laws and regulations. Any traffic infractions can earn you penalties which are meant to deter you from repeating these infractions. Traffic violations are also considered a kind of negligence when […]

Can Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Affect Augusta Car Crash Claims?

pre-existing medical-conditions

Can pre-existing medical conditions affect a crash settlement? When you suffer an accident and accident-related injuries in Augusta, GA, a good Augusta car accident lawyer may be able to help you recover damages. However, the process of recovering compensatory damages is straightforward in some cases and quite complicated in others. Insurance companies try their best […]

How Do You Get a Rental Vehicle After an Augusta Crash?

rental vehicle-augusta-accident

If your vehicle was involved in an Augusta crash, you may not be able to drive your vehicle for some time, and as such, may need a rental vehicle. The average time it takes for an accident vehicle to be available again is 2 weeks. When the damage is below a certain threshold, you will […]

How Does Contributory Negligence Apply to Augusta Car Accidents?

car-accident-contributory negligence

Have you heard of the term contributory negligence? When you suffer a car accident in Augusta, GA, you may be able to recover compensatory damages. However, an important thing to consider in a car accident claim is fault or negligence. The determination of fault in a car accident has a direct bearing on whether or […]

What is Property Damage Liability And How it Applies to Augusta Crashes?

property damage liability-crash

When you suffer a car crash in Augusta, GA, you may suffer losses. These losses can be material or physical or both. Material losses typically refer to the damage to your property, most notably your vehicle. Physical losses are any injuries you may suffer as a result of the crash. Property damage liability is a […]

Will the Judge Extend the Statute of Limitations in Your Augusta Car Accident Case?

car crash-attorney-denies-claims

Whenever someone gets hurt in Georgia, there is the possibility that they may need to file a lawsuit. An Augusta car accident case is more common than you’d think. Most people file their claims against the defendant’s insurance company first. They cross their fingers and hope that their claim is paid. When weeks or months […]

Can You Still File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Augusta During COVID-19?


We’ve encountered many individuals asking if you can still file a personal injury lawsuit in Augusta. We have all seen what COVID-19 has done to our world. Nothing is the same today as it was just six (6) months ago. People who used to go to work every day are now working from home. Or, […]

How Can Your Augusta Car Accident Attorney Prove Lost Wages?

car accident

If you’re involved in a motor vehicle accident, you may be entitled to damages. It really depends on whether you can prove the other driver was at fault. And, the more serious your injuries, the more money you’ll be entitle to. If you want to maximize your chances of receiving the compensation you deserve, you […]