How is Liability Determined in a Multi-Vehicle Crash in Charlotte, NC?

joint-and-several-liability-car crash claim

Most car accidents are a result of a collision between two vehicles, or a vehicle and another object. The issue of liability is relatively straightforward in such incidents. However, some crashes may involve more than two vehicles. In such multi-vehicle accidents, the issue of liability is somewhat more complicated. It is important to understand how […]

How Much to Expect From a Charlotte Car Accident Settlement?

charlotte car accident-how-much-to-expect

When you suffer injuries and other losses in a Charlotte car crash, it is possible to recover compensation with the help of a Charlotte car accident lawyer. As a victim, you may naturally wonder about the actual amount of damages you can get in a car crash claim. These damages are typically recovered after you […]

Can Social Media Be Used Against You in Your Charlotte Car Accident Lawsuit?

charlotte car-accident-social-media

It doesn’t matter where you go these days, people seem glued to their phones. They’re either texting someone or scrolling through social media. So, it’s not surprising that Charlotte car accident lawyers are starting to use things posted on social media to help prove their cases. But this also means that the other driver’s lawyer […]

What to Do If the Other Driver Files A Counter-Claim Against You?

Lawyer telling client what to do if the other driver files a counter-claim against you

Being involved in an automobile accident is never how somebody envisioned spending their day. They didn’t wake up and say, “I think I will get into an accident today”, which is why planning ahead for these types of interruptions to your daily plans is important to avoid missing evidence that may be crucial to a […]