Charlotte Car Accident Lawyer

Rear End Car Accident in Charlotte, NC

Rear End Car Crashes Charlotte, NC

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), rear end car crashes are one of the most frequently occurring types of collisions. Furthermore, the majority of these accidents involved a lead vehicle that stopped immediately before the crash. These statistics are significant as some of the most painful and serious injuries sustained by car…

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What to do if You Are in an Accident With an Uber?

What Happens if You Are in an Accident With an Uber

An Uber does not seem particularly different than a traditional taxi to riders. In both, riders pay for someone to drive them from place A to place B. The phone app that allows riders to request a car used to set the service apart. Now, taxi services are also developing apps for riders to hail…

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Can I File a Lawsuit for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after My Charlotte Car Accident?

Charlotte car accident

The effects of a Charlotte car accident can go beyond the physical. While bruises, contusions, and broken bones are typical consequences, non-physical symptoms are also common. An injured individual may suffer from various symptoms such as heart palpitations and breathing difficulties. Often, these symptoms are the result of having survived through a serious road accident.…

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Can I Prove Texting and Driving Led to My Accident in North Carolina?

Texting and Driving Accident Lawyer in Charlotte, North Carolina

The increasing dependence on smartphones and other handheld devices has resulted in dire consequences for drivers and pedestrians alike. In Charlotte, North Carolina, texting while driving is prohibited among all drivers. Despite this, texting and driving car accidents still occur on a regular basis. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a…

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Who Pays for an Uber Car Accident in Charlotte, North Carolina?

Uber Car Accident Lawyer in Charlotte, North Carolina

Getting in a car accident is frightening and difficult to deal with. It can result in personal injury, property damage, and lifelong trauma. When you experience an Uber car accident, it can be even more difficult and confusing since you were not the one behind the wheel and it is difficult to determine who is…

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Do Charlotte Car Accident Rates Increase During the Holidays?

Charlotte Car Accident Lawyer for Holiday Wrecks in North Carolina

As the holiday season gets started, the number of people on the road increases. There are people rushing about to do their last-minute holiday shopping and more people are traveling this time of year than any other season. With a large number of people on the road, the potential to get in a Charlotte car…

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