How Can I File a Personal Injury Claim in South Carolina?

South Carolina Personal Injury Claim

Whenever one person is injured at the hands of another, the injured person incurs costs that they would not have otherwise had. Costs like medication, medical bills, and ongoing physical therapy can add up, and along with the amount of time the injured person has to miss from work to go to medical appointments or…

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What Percentage of Car Accidents are Fatal in Charlotte, NC?

Charlotte, North Carolina Car Accidents

Each day in the United States, citizens take an average of four trips per person. According to Bureau of Transportation statistics, that means 1.1 billion trips per day, with 11 billion miles traveled. When it comes to car accidents in Charlotte, NC recent statistics have vied with those from 2009 in fatality rates and crashes…

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What Do I Do After a Work-Related Injury in Augusta, Georgia?

Augusta, Georgia, Personal Injury Attorney

You have been an employee at a local construction company for about ten years. During the course of your employment, you often need to use company equipment while working on different construction jobs. One day while working on an Augusta site, the rotary saw you are using jams, and you suffer a serious injury to…

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State Car Accident Rates: How Safe are the Roads in Atlanta, GA?

Atlanta, Georgia, Car Accident Lawyer

Georgia has reported the fifth highest increase in the number of vehicle deaths from 2014 to 2016. The rate is twice that of the national average. In 2016, 1500 people died in motor vehicle accidents in the state. The top three reasons for a fatal car accident in Georgia are speed, alcohol and distracted driving.…

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Does Workers’ Compensation in Charlotte, NC, Cover Medical Treatment?

Charlotte, North Carolina Workers' Compensation Medical Treatment

In case of injuries covered by workers’ compensation in Charlotte, NC, any medical treatment the employee requires is the responsibility of their employer or their workers’ compensation insurer. That is why some employers choose private medical services providers, while others even offer in-house medical services. NC workers’ compensation covers treatments meant to cure the injuries, relieve…

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What to Do if Injured in a Car Accident in Augusta, Georgia?

car accident attorney in Augusta GA

It is a few days before Christmas, and you and your family are heading to Augusta, Georgia to visit your parents for the holidays. You have not been able to see them since you gave birth to your new baby girl and everyone is thrilled you are going to get together for your baby’s first…

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What Are My Rights If I Suffer an Injury at Work in Augusta, Georgia?

Augusta, Georgia Work Injury Lawyer

You have been a dedicated employee with your employer in Augusta for over five years. As a data entry operator, you sit at a computer terminal for 8 hours daily keying information into the company database. But in the last few months, you have been experiencing tingling and numbness in your arm and hand. After…

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