NC Workers’ Compensation

Can I Get SSD For a Mental Illness in North Carolina?

SSD For a Mental Illness in North Carolina | Charlotte SSD Lawyer

Mental illnesses affect millions of Americans and their ability to gain willful employment. The social security program provides an opportunity to continue treating your illness while receiving social security disability benefits in Charlotte, NC to financially support yourself. Obtaining social security disability benefits in Charlotte, NC can be difficult to procure as many individuals affected by mental…

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File for Workers’ Compensation Claims in Charlotte

How to file Workers Compensation Claims

When injuries occur on the job in Charlotte, North Carolina, workers can file a workers’ compensation (WC) claim with the North Carolina Industrial Commission. Charlotte WC involves filling out specific forms and submitting them to the Industrial Commission. If you’re injured at work, it is essential that you tell your employer of the injury immediately.…

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Workers’ Compensation Remote Workers Issues

Remote Workers and Workers’ Compensation Issues

It used to be that you drove or commuted into work five days a week. But now, 3.7 million employees work from home at least part time, according to a study by Working from home has been a striking trend in the last decade, with the number of employees regularly taking advantage of Internet-based options…

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Workers Comp Death Benefits – How They Work in North Carolina?

workers comp death benefits Charlotte NC

How do Workers Comp Death Benefits Work in North Carolina? Workers comp death benefits work differently than regular workers comp. This is due to the fact that the person who should receive the benefits has passed away. Understanding the rules for workers comp death benefits in North Carolina can make it easier to file a…

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