Cobb County Personal Injury Attorneys

Growth and progress are evident in Cobb County, Georgia. Experiencing much development in the last 50 years, it has been identified as the most educated county in the state, as well as one of the wealthiest in the country. It has seven colleges and universities, plus top-ranked school systems. The majority of its 707,442 people are employed in the private sector, which includes large companies headquartered in the county seat, Marietta.

The steady progress of Cobb County is not without misfortunes. Thousands of accidents cause injuries and deaths in this county, scarring the lives of its people. If you’re one of them, don’t let your case become a mere statistic. Call on a competent attorney to fight for you.

Ted A. Greve & Associates, P.A. can provide you with highly skilled legal representation, honed by over two decades of experience. We are a personal injury firm comprised of aggressive lawyers and resourceful paralegals and staff who have won our clients millions of dollars’ worth in compensation and verdicts. It is our commitment to help those who suffer from personal injury, so we treat each client with genuine compassion and handle each case as if it were our own.

Contact Ted A. Greve & Associates for cases like car accidents, truck accidents, workers’ compensation, bad product/bad drug, slip and fall accidents, brain or spine injuries, social security disabilities, and wrongful death.

Cobb County Accident Statistics

Cobb County is a large suburban community belonging to the Atlanta metropolitan area. In this bustling area and in the county itself, numerous accidents occur each year.

  • According to the Georgia Office of Highway Safety, 23,182 motor vehicle collisions occurred in Cobb County in 2008 alone.
  • These crashes resulted in 6,493 injuries and 69 fatalities.
  • A separate report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that in 2012, there were 38 fatal occupational injuries in the Atlanta, GA statistical area, to which Cobb County belongs.

If you find yourself involved in one of the thousands of accidents in Cobb County contact a car accident attorney.

Cobb County Hospitals and Medical Centers

It’s crucial to seek medical attention right away when someone is hurt in an accident. This can spell the difference between healing and lifelong suffering. There are many medical institutions you can contact in Cobb County, and these include:

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