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Defective Products

Every year, defective and dangerous products injure or harm thousands of individuals across the United States. These purchased products may be prone to malfunction, may be toxic, or may be generally unsafe to use.

Product designers, manufacturers and retailers all have a responsibility to the general public to ensure that their products are completely safe, and do not pose any serious dangers or hazards to their consumers. Unfortunately, defective products exist, and can seriously hurt or injure the individuals who use them.

According to North Carolina’s product liability laws, specific parties are legally liable when an individual is harmed or injured by a defective or dangerous product. These laws allow victims to file a claim, and to recover monetary compensation for their sustained injuries and losses.

When filing a defective product claim in North Carolina, however, it is necessary to prove that there was a design defect, manufacturing defect, or marketing defect, and that such defect caused your serious injury.

Consumers have every right to spend their hard-earned money on safe, well-designed products. Responsible parties, therefore, must be held accountable for the dangerous or hazardous products they sell to consumers.

At Ted A. Greve & Associates, P.A., our attorneys have successfully handled numerous defective product cases involving various consumer products, such as defective tires, defective seatbelts, automobile design defects, dangerous toys, industrial machinery accidents, and third-party liability injury claims.

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