A growing metropolitan, Greensboro, North Carolina is expanding beyond its traditional industries and attracting new ones like nanotechnology and logistics. Along with these developments, however, incidents of personal injury and wrongful death mark the lives of many people in the city. If you’ve had such experience in Greensboro, you need the help of a lawyer to fight for your rightful compensation.

Ted A. Greve & Associates, P.A., is a respected firm of personal injury lawyers who serve Greensboro, North Carolina. Backed by more than 20 years of experience, our firm has successfully won numerous personal injury claims. We have fought for our clients to get their full compensation, and helped paved the way for their recovery. Genuine care for our clients is a priority for us, which is why we treat each one as a member of our family.

Ted A. Greve & Associates, P.A. can help you claim compensation from incidents such as:

Car Accidents

Greensboro is becoming busier and livelier. If you have been injured in a car accident in this city, or have lost someone due to a car crash, don’t hesitate to contact us. Road accidents have various causes, from drunk drivers to dangerous roads. If someone else’s recklessness or negligence caused it, you deserve to be well compensated.

Truck Accidents

Damage from truck accidents can include serious injuries and even cause the death of someone you love. These are difficult ordeals you’ll have to live with, and it’s even harder to accept if a negligent driver or trucking company caused the accident. We’ll help you cope by fighting for your rights as a victim.

Head or Spinal Injury

Injury to these vital body parts can drastically change your life. In fact, up to 30 percent of Americans who survive head injuries suffer irreversible damages. Don’t underestimate a bump on the head or blow to the back, as these can lead to grave damage such as skull fractures, brain injuries, and hematoma.

Bad Product/Bad Drug

If you’ve experienced harmful side effects from a prescription drug, you may be entitled to file a claim. Bad drugs can be traced to medical malpractice, medical negligence, or product failure. We can help establish whose fault it was that led to your adverse reactions, so you can get properly compensated.

Social Security Disability

If you or a loved one has been disabled and is therefore unable to work and earn income, you may claim social security disability compensation. However, the process of claiming is usually so difficult that many applicants get rejected in their first few attempts. Count on us to legally assist you so that you can successfully receive your benefits.

Workers’ Compensation

Injuries and health issues can occur in the workplace, especially in a growing city like Greensboro. If this happens to you, know that your employer is required by law to provide you with compensation benefits. These should cover your medical care, lost wages, and rehabilitation expenses.

Slip and Fall Accidents

A slip and fall accident may look like a simple mistake on your part, but in many cases, these can lead to serious injuries and can be traced back to other causes. Examples are badly constructed stairways or hazardous parking spaces. These are grounds for you to file a claim.

Wrongful Death

The death of a loved one is a devastating tragedy, especially if it was due to someone else’s fault. In this case, you can be compensated for your economic losses such as lost income, as well as non-economic ones like the loss of companionship. This may not bring back the person taken away from you, but it will help you begin to recover.

Hospitals and Medical Centers in Greensboro, North Carolina

If you or someone you care for has been injured, it’s important to get medical attention right away. Here are some hospitals and medical centers you can contact in Greensboro, North Carolina:

  • Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital – 1200 N Elm St, Greensboro, North Carolina 27401 / (336) 832-7000
  • Wesley Long Community Hospital – 501 North Elam Ave, Greensboro, NC 27403 / (336) 832-1855
  • Complex Medical Evaluations – 7 Yardarm Court, Greensboro, NC 27455 / (336) 665-9197

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About Greensboro, North Carolina

North Carolina’s third largest city by population, Greensboro is a growing metropolitan area. The 2012 U.S. Census estimated its population at 277,080. Traditionally, its economy centered on tobacco, textile, and furniture, but in recent years, it has reached out to other industries. It has seen greater construction investments, adding to its already-lively cityscape that includes major interstates and “streetcar suburbs”, and aims to develop its nanotech and logistics industries.