How Much is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

A frequent question people have when they first contact an attorney is “How much is my claim worth?”. Unfortunately , because of the number of factors involved in properly evaluating a claim, that is not a question that can be answered at the beginning of a case.

Those factors include the nature and extent of the injuries suffered, the type of treatment required, how long that treatment takes, how much the treatment costs, how much pain the person endures, whether recovery is 100%, whether there are lingering or permanent effects, how much work the person misses, and how the injuries, treatment, and lingering or long term effects affect the person’s quality of life.

Most of these factors cannot be fully known until treatment is completed and the person is released from care. Only then can a thoughtful evaluation of the claim be made.

If you want someone to promise you the moon, shop around, you may be able to find an attorney who will do that. BUT BE PREPARED TO BE DISAPPOINTED.

On the other hand, if you want someone who will handle your case in a professional manner, contact the law firm of TED A. GREVE & ASSOCIATES. They will use their education and experience to shepherd your case through the early stages and, when the time is right, will give it a careful and realistic evaluation designed to get you the best possible result.