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Military Disability Benefits Claims

Disability compensation is a form of tax-free monetary benefit that is paid to veterans with disabilities resulting from an injury or disease sustained or aggravated during active military service. This type of compensation may also be paid for post-service disabilities that are related to military service circumstances.

Several factors are taken into consideration when determining the amount of benefits a particular veteran is eligible to receive, such as the number of his or her dependents, and his or her level of disability. Special monthly compensation is also awarded to veterans who may be suffering severe disability, loss of sight, loss of hearing, loss or loss of use of reproductive organs, paralysis or immobility, the inability to communicate by speech, and other severe or life altering concerns.

Veterans do not need to have a total disability rating of 100% in order to be eligible for compensation, as the lowest compensable rating is 10%. For most veterans, the largest hurdle to do with applying for benefits is proving the link between his or her service and his or her existing disability.
The government deals with thousands of benefits claims each year, and it is definitely not uncommon for a veteran, a veteran’s spouse or a veteran’s dependent to face repeated denials before finally obtaining the benefits they deserve and need.

The team at Ted A. Greve & Associates, P.A. believe that each and every member of the country’s armed services are entitled to receive the benefits that were promised to them, whether they are retired, on active duty, or family members of someone in the military.

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