Motor Vehicle Accident on Morrisville Parkway Kills One Teen, Injures Four Others

Concept photo: Accident on Morrisville Parkway kills teen

A teenager died and four others sustained injuries following a motor vehicle accident on Morrisville Parkway, North Carolina. The crash happened during the early hours of Sunday, November 14th. Loss of control appears to have caused the accident. 

According to a news report, a 17-year-old girl traveled on Morrisville Parkway. At about 1 a.m., she lost control of her car and crossed the median. As a result, the vehicle rolled, and two passengers were ejected from the vehicle. One of the ejected persons, Jonathan Pooley, 28, died at the accident scene. 

The second person ejected from the vehicle was in critical condition on Sunday. There is no update on their condition at this time. The remaining two passengers, also teenagers, suffered severe injuries. The driver was the only person wearing a seatbelt and did not suffer any significant wound. There is no additional information about the accident on Morrisville Parkway at this time. 

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of teenage death in the United States. According to the CDC, in 2019, almost 2,400 teens in the United States aged 13–19 died in motor vehicle accidents. When a teenage car accident involves other drivers, the question of who bears liability arises. 

Suing an at-fault teenage driver is complicated because they may not have auto insurance liability to pay compensation. However, under the family purpose doctrine, their parents will bear the liability if they use the vehicle to run errands for the family. For example, if they were grocery shopping. Also, if the teen had the explicit or implied consent of their parents to use their car, the parents will also bear the blame. 

Contact a North Carolina auto accident lawyer to learn more about getting compensation in teenage motor vehicle accidents. 


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