Airport Workers in Charlotte Demand Safety Improvements After Coworker is Killed in Baggage-Hauling Vehicle

We get up and go to work every day. The last thing we’re thinking about is getting hurt on the job. We certainly don’t think that we’ll get into a work accident and die. Certainly, that’s not what Charlotte-Douglas International Airport employee Kendrick Hudson was thinking last month. Airport workers in Charlotte demand safety improvements.

The 24-year old employee of Charlotte-Douglas was driving a baggage-hauling vehicle on Concourse E, near Gate E3 when the accident happened. He noticed that there was luggage strewn on the concourse, so he turned the vehicle to avoid hitting it. Unfortunately, the vehicle hit it anyway, causing the rig to flip over.

When the hauler flipped over, it pinned employee Kendrick Darrell Hudson to the ground, killing him. OSHA is investigating the incident. They believe that poor lighting may have been a contributing factor.

Representatives from the union say that employees refer to the concourse at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport as “Death Valley” because it’s so dangerous. Most of this is indeed attributed to the poor lighting issues. The airport reports that they’re looking into ways to fix this issue, especially now that an employee has been killed.

Other employees fear for their safety after the death of their coworker. They’re demanding that the company make efforts to improve the safety at the airport so nobody else has to lose their lives. Of course, officials from the airport are claiming that lighting had nothing to do with the accident. The investigation is still ongoing.

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