Atlanta Police No Longer Responding to Car Accidents Without Injuries


The Atlanta Police Department will not be responding to car crashes that don’t involve injuries.

The department said this was because officers will be following the social distancing guidelines issued in response to COVID19.

Whether the accident occurs on private property or a public road, officers will not respond if all the vehicles can be driven and there are no injuries.

Drivers who are involved in an accident have been advised to move to the side of the roadway, exchange information, and take photos. They should also fill out an SR-13 form.

Local insurance agent and member of the Independent Insurance Agents of Georgia (IIAG), Andy Siegel, said this move could cause some problems.

He said insurance companies use the police report to help decide on fault and liability and self-prepared forms aren’t the same.

The APD averages about 1,080 crashes monthly with more than 100 involving serious injuries.

Atlanta Police Public Information Officer John Chafee said it was difficult to determine how many accidents involved minor injuries. However, he said a “significant” number were fender benders which didn’t result in injuries.

The department will still respond to hit-and-run crashes and those non-injury crashes where safety is of concern. This includes cases where a vehicle is presenting a dangerous traffic hazard.

Incidents involving criminal activity such as drunk driving accidents will also continue to attract a police response.

Motorists involved in non-injury crashes can still request an officer but there’s no guarantee that one will respond.

Siegel said officers were already stretched thin and they wanted to be safe.

Drivers have been asked to contact their insurance agent or an attorney if they have questions about claims or legal procedures.

If you’ve been involved in a crash or you want to be prepared for such an unfortunate event, an Atlanta car accident lawyer can help you.


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