One Killed, One Injured in ATV Accident in Sanford

Concept photo of fatal ATV accident in Sanford

The police in Sanford, North Carolina had their hands full when they were called to the scene of an ATV accident this past week. The call about the ATV accident in Sanford came in during the early morning hours of October 10. A woman was riding her ATV and had a female passenger on the backseat. The passenger happened to be her sister.

The two women drove close to a small railroad bridge not far from their house. For some reason, the driver lost control of her ATV. The vehicle plunged over the side of the bridge, falling to the concrete road below. Both girls were on the ATV when it plummeted to the ground. The bridge was located not far from US Highway 1. 

It was about 1 am on Sunday, October 10th when the accident took place. The police were surely surprised to find that someone was out on an ATV at that time of night, especially in that area of town.

The young woman driving the ATV was identified as Alexis Stone. Unfortunately, she was killed as a result of the accident and was pronounced dead at the scene. The girl riding on the back of the ATV was her sister, Chelsea Stone. She did survive the ATV accident in Sanford and was taken to a local hospital in Chapel Hill. However, there has been no update on her medical condition. All the authorities have said is that she suffered serious injuries in the crash.

The investigation is ongoing. There has been no indication if alcohol or drugs played any role in the crash. Ironically, Chelsea Stone, the survivor in the crash, may have a potential claim against her sister’s insurance company if she was actually insured to drive an ATV. 

If you or your child are injured in an ATV accident, make sure to call a North Carolina auto accident lawyer right away.


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