DeKalb Crash Victim Remembered for Her Love of the Arts

car accident

The Chamblee arts community is mourning the loss of an elderly woman who died after her car was involved in an accident.

Seventy-nine-year-old Judith Schonbak was on her way to take groceries for a friend on Sunday when her car was struck by a stolen truck driven by 20-year-old Jonathan A. Sanchez.

Schonbak was a writer who had a passion for art and her friend Liefje Smith said she was an inspiration.

When Schonbak didn’t arrive at her friend’s home and she didn’t call, her loved ones became worried.

Her daughter drove along the route her mother would have taken and came upon a multi-vehicle wreck.

The Georgia State Patrol said Sanchez stole a 2007 Ford F-150 from outside a Buford Highway business around 3 p.m. Lt. Stephanie Stallings said the owner had gone inside the business and left the vehicle running with a child inside.

Sanchez struck two parked cars as he attempted to leave in the vehicle and hit two parked cars. He removed the child from the truck at some point and headed north on the highway.

Sanchez subsequently ran a stoplight at the intersection of Buford Highway and Chamblee Tucker Road and crashed into Schonbak’s 2010 Honda Civic.

Stalings said Schonbak had the right of way. The impact caused a chain reaction.

Sanchez is facing charges of murder, first-degree vehicular homicide, felony hit-and-run, failure to obey traffic control devices, and speeding.

Schonbak’s death has impacted many in the arts community.

She served on the board of the Atlanta Artists Center on four occasions and served two terms as president.

The elderly woman had two children, McKenzie Wren and Chris Wren, and two grandsons, Devon and Elijah Haller.

An online memorial will be held on August 9.

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