Driver Being Chased by Gunfire Kills Innocent Victim in Crash

Picture of a car with gun holes

A man driving a pickup truck crashed into another woman driving a white Volvo in Gwinnett County yesterday. The driver said he was being chased by gunfire from someone in a black SUV. There were bullets in the pickup truck to prove it.

The driver said that he was picking up a friend in the area who needed a ride when he got into a verbal altercation with another driver. The man he was fighting with took after him in their black SUV, shooting at him along the way.

In an effort to get away, the pickup truck got up to almost 90 mph. While trying to elude the bullets, the man ran a red light and proceeded to crash into an innocent woman driving her white Volvo on Winters Chapel Road near Peachtree Boulevard. The woman’s car ended up wrapped around a telephone pole.

After the crash, a woman who was in the pickup truck of the driver who caused the crash took off on foot. The police are still looking for her. The man driving the truck stuck around to tell his version of the story to the police. Although they could confirm his story, they still arrested him for vehicular homicide. He has been charged and is in jail.

The woman in the Volvo was pronounced dead at the scene. Her identity has not yet been released. Nor has her family made any comment as to the accident.

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