Man High on Drugs Causes Fatal Crash in Thomson, Georgia

Concept photo: A fatal crash in Thomson was caused by a driver on meth

The police in Georgia are used to getting calls about serious car accidents. Most of these calls come in late at night or during busy traffic hours. On Tuesday, November 2, it wasn’t a call to 911 that alerted the police about a crash. A State patrolman was driving down the interstate when he came upon a fatal crash in Thomson.

At the scene, he found a tractor-trailer and a white Dodge Dakota. From what the officer could see, the Dakota had somehow smashed into the back of the tractor-trailer. The accident happened on Interstate-20 in the Western lanes. The cars were located right near mile marker 178 in Thomson, Georgia.

The man driving the pickup truck was identified as 36-year-old James Whitaker. The report did not indicate what town Whitaker was from. The other vehicle had 2 people inside. Both individuals passed away due to the impact of the crash. The police indicated that they had identified both the driver and passenger but did not immediately release the victims’ names. 

About 24 hours after the fatal crash in Thomson, which had taken place at 3:08 pm on November 2, the police issued an arrest warrant for the driver of the Dodge Dakota – James Whitaker. The charges were filed due to the allegation that Whitaker had been high on methamphetamine at the time of the accident. The specific charges were not listed in the most recent reports, but it is possible the family of the victims may decide to file a complaint for wrongful death against the driver.

If your loved one is hurt or killed due to someone else’s negligence or reckless driving, you need to call a Georgia auto accident attorney right away. 


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