Fiery Crash in Charlotte Kills Driver and Injures Passenger

Fiery Crash in Charlotte Kills Driver and Injures Passenger

A fiery crash in charlotte kills the driver and injures a passenger. Last week in Charlotte, there was a fiery accident along the northbound lanes of Interstate 485. The accident took place near Moores Chapel Road. The crash took place in the early morning hours of October 1.

It took some time for Charlotte police to sort through what happened. What the do know is that a black Chevy Impala was driving down 485 near the outer loop of Moores Chapel Road. The Impala first drove off the road toward the left side where they ended up hitting the cable wires of the median. Then, the car crossed the outer loop and crashed into a van.

The van flipped upside down and burst into flames upon impact. Then, while it was burning, it was hit by yet another vehicle.

The make and model of the van and 3rd cars have no yet been released.

Authorities confirmed that the driver of the Impala was pronounced dead at the scene. Another passenger was sent to Carolinas Medical Center – Main with critical injuries.

Sadly, they still haven’t been able to identify the body of the person driving the Impala because the body was burned so severely. This means that they still haven’t been able to let their family know.

The accident was so serious, it closed down both sides of Highway 485 from 9 a.m. until at least noon. There has been no update on the conditions of the other drivers or passengers.

Accidents like this happen more than you may think. If someone in your family suffers a serious injury in a crash, you should call our office. One of our experienced attorneys can review your case and answer any questions you may have.

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