Fiery Crash on I-85 Kills 6, Leaves Several Injured

Fiery Crash on I-85

Six women are dead and other people are nursing injuries following a fiery crash on I-85 in Gwinnett County on Saturday, April 24. 

The Gwinnett County Police Department said the accident happened around 6:30 p.m. in the northbound lanes of I-985 in Suwanee. It involved a van in which 16 people were traveling.

The names of the individuals have not yet been officially released. However, police said the occupants of the van were members of the sober living community We Are Living Proof. They were on their way to a meeting in Buford.

One family identified one of the victims as Alishia Carroll. She was a mother of four who entered the rehab facility a week before the crash, they said.

According to police, bystanders tried to rescue the occupants of the vehicle and render aid.

However, the six women died at the scene. Ten people were taken to various hospitals with injuries, and one sustained minor injuries but declined to be taken to hospital.

The cause of the fiery crash on I-85 is not yet clear but investigators believe another vehicle was involved either directly or indirectly. As of Tuesday, police were still trying to get information from all the survivors.

One of the people who tried to help was Donnie Richeson who was on his way to North Carolina. He said two off-duty paramedics, nurses, and other bystanders also rushed to assist.

However, Richeson said the heat was too intense and the van’s tires were already blowing out and the airbags were “going off”.

Witnesses who have not yet come forward have been asked to call the police department’s Accident Investigation Unit tip line at 678-442-5653.

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