Georgia Family Killed in Florida Car Accident

Georgia Family Killed in Florida Car Accident

When you travel out of town, you have to be extra careful. You may not be familiar with the roads. You certainly aren’t familiar with the traffic. Plus, you have to deal with all the other people on the road. When you get into an accident in some other state, you don’t even have your family and friends there to help you recover. This was the case for the Georgia family who was killed in a Florida car accident.

Christopher Hesling works for the Morale and Recreation Department at the Mayport Naval Base. He was traveling with his wife, Brittany Trowell Hesling and their two children. Their 4-year old child and their 6-month old baby were both in the backseat.

They were driving down State Road 24 near Northeast 69th Way in Alachua County when they were hit head on by another vehicle. A person driving a 2019 Hyundai Elantra crossed into oncoming traffic and smashed into the Hesling’s car head-on.

The driver, Christopher Hesling and his wife, Brittany, were both killed in the accident. Their 4-year old child was taken to the hospital with critical injuries. He was later pronounced dead. The 6-month old baby was taken to the hospital with only minor injuries.

Authorities said that the driver of the Elantra died as well. However, their name has not been released. Nor has the cause of the crash been determined. The investigation is still pending.

Given the circumstances, the family of the victims will have a wrongful death claim against the estate of the driver of the Elantra.

If you or your loved one are injured in any type of car accident, you need to call and talk to one of our experienced car accident lawyers.


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