Huge Verdict for Plaintiff in Motorcycle Accident Case in Georgia

Picture of a motorcycle with with a red helmet on it.

One thing that any Georgia motorcycle accident lawyer will tell you is that you can only get damages for injuries you actually suffered. Typically, the more serious your injuries, the more money you’ll get in your settlement. That doesn’t seem to always be the case. A huge jury verdict for plaintiff on Wednesday showed that, when it comes to liability, there really is no limit to how much a jury will award.

This is great news for accident victims in Georgia. In this case, Ronnie Stevens was driving his motorcycle when he claimed a dump truck in front of him hit a construction barrel. Stevens claimed that the barrel ended up in front of him, causing him to crash his bike. Stevens suffered injuries to his ankle and wrist. He also had over $170,000 in medical expenses.

Stevens’ attorney demanded that his client be paid over $10 million in damages. He claimed that his client was entitled to more than $10 million in pain and suffering. The jury almost agreed.

After deliberating for about two (2) hours, the jury in Stevens v JRK Trucking, et al came back and found in favor of the plaintiff. They ordered that the defendant pay over $8 million in damages to Stevens.

The case hinged on whether or not the truck driver really hit the orange construction barrel. He claimed that he was still waiting for his dump truck to be loaded at the time the plaintiff got into his accident. The jury didn’t agree. They sided with Stevens who said the driver specifically hit the cone and caused him to crash.

If you’ve been injured in any sort of motor vehicle accident in Georgia, contact our office immediately.

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