Fatal Lawrenceville Hit and Run Leaves Police Puzzled

Concept photo: Police are investigating a fatal Lawrenceville hit and run

When the police got a call on Sunday, October 24, about what appeared to be a body lying in a nearby driveway, they rushed to the scene. They discovered what appeared to be the victim of a fatal Lawrenceville hit and run.

The 911 callers did not indicate what happened to the unidentified man. It seemed as if he had just laid down there to go to sleep or perhaps somebody had put him there.

The Gwinnett County police started their investigation right away. They did not have any specific information about what had happened to the man; however, one thing was clear and that was the fact that this man had been killed.

The police have not released any identification of the victim. They may be waiting to notify next of kin or they may not know who the victim is. There is no indication if the victim lived in the home where his body was found or if something else happened.

Once the police started reviewing the scene and the evidence, they determined that the man had been the victim of a hit and run accident. Unfortunately, they don’t have any information on who may have injured and killed the man. They’re currently counting on the public to help then get to the bottom of this mystery.

So far, the police know for certain that the Lawrenceville hit and run seems to have taken place at the intersection of Cruse Road and Paden Lane. Since the accident took place in Gwinnett County law enforcement will continue working the case, trying to track down the driver who hit the victim found in the empty driveway.

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Source: https://www.cbs46.com/news/pedestrian-killed-by-hit-and-run-driver-in-lawrenceville-police-need-info/article_6c0e8a56-36c6-11ec-bc98-df3023e671a1.html

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