Man Dies in Single Vehicle Crash – Driver Fled the Scene

A Georgia man dies in a fiery single vehicle crash earlier this month when his friend crashed their vehicle while fleeing from police. The police in Georgia were attempting to pull over 23-year old Douglas Cody Gass when he decided he wasn’t going to stop. A police chase ensued with Gass determined not to be caught.

He ended up crashing his vehicle right near the Georgia/Tennessee border. His passenger, Kobe Burchfield was still in the car, unable to get his seatbelt off. The car burst into flames. Rather than staying to make sure his friend was okay, Gass took off on foot, leaving his friend there to die.

The police stopped to help Burchfield and did not continue their pursuit. However, a manhunt was underway to find the man who left his 19-year old friend to die. For over three (3) weeks, the authorities in several states, including Georgia and Tennessee were looking for Douglas Gass.

It was until the other day that Gass was finally located. He was living in a motel in Panama City, Florida. He had cut and dyed his hair blonde in an effort to disguise his identity. The police found him hiding under his bed.

Gass was arrested and charged with a slew of crimes, including: vehicular homicide, reckless aggravated assault, felony evading the police, leaving the scene of an accident involving death, and reckless endangerment. He is in custody awaiting trial.

There is no information yet on why Gass was fleeing the police. Nor has there been any comment made by Burchfield’s family. However, the investigation is still ongoing.

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