Man Evading Police in Alpharetta, Georgia Crashes into Median

Man Evading Police Crashes into Median

The police in Georgia encounter their fair share of drunk drivers on an average weekend. This past weekend was no different. A man from Alpharetta was traveling on GA Rt. 400 near the McFarland Exit when he noticed a car was behind him. Man evading police in Alpharetta, Georgia crashes into the median.

The police had clocked the driver going 131 mph when they started their chase. The man, whose name has not yet been released, was driving a Volvo at an incredible speed when the police starting to chase after him.

The man continued to gain speed as the cops chased him. When he saw the blue lights behind him, he headed toward the exit at McFarland Parkway. But at that speed, he wasn’t able to clear the exit. He ended up losing control of the car and hitting the concrete median on GA 400. Then, his car flipped over and he ended up on the other side of the median.

Somehow, someway, the driver of the Volvo managed to walk away from the crash. Authorities haven’t released any injury report on the man.

When they finally caught up to the man, he was arrested and hit with a slew of charges. Some of these included DUI, open container, reckless driving, speeding and eluding law enforcement.

The lucky thing is that this guy didn’t manage to injure any one else during his antics. And, if he did suffer any injuries, chances are, he won’t be able to recover from his insurance company. Most insurance companies won’t cover these types of accidents.

If your loved one is injured in any sort of accident, you should contact our office. Let one of our experienced car accident lawyers review your case and let you know if you’re entitled to compensation.

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