Charlotte Drunk Driving Victim’s Family Gets Justice

Concept photo man sentenced over fatal Charlotte drunk driving crash

The family of a Charlotte drunk driving accident that occurred a little more than three years ago, has finally got justice as the driver responsible, a young man identified as Jimmy Gallarday, was sentenced to prison.

According to the authorities, Gallarday was traveling on Runnymede Road near Charlotte at the time of the crash. He was speeding and, it was later confirmed, he was also driving drunk. At about 11:30 pm, he lost control of his vehicle and crossed the centerline. The next thing he knew, his vehicle smashed into oncoming traffic causing a head-on collision.

The person driving the second car was a man named Juan Octavio Reyes. At the time of the accident, Reyes also had two minor children in the car with him. Unfortunately, because it was a head-on collision, there wasn’t much the victim could do.

By the time police and rescue crews arrived at the scene of the crash, the driver of the second car had already succumbed to his injuries. He was pronounced dead there at the scene. The children who were in the car at the time were not reported to have sustained any serious injuries in the Charlotte drunk driving incident.

Given the fact that Mr. Gallarday was drunk driving at the time of the accident, Mr. Reyes’ family would have had every right to file a wrongful death lawsuit against him and his insurance company. While the news hasn’t confirmed or denied this to be the case, we do know one thing. The drunk driver, who had been criminally charged following the crash, was finally found guilty and sentenced to up to 13 years in prison.    

If your family is involved in a drunk driving accident, you may choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the person responsible. Contact a Charlotte wrongful death attorney right away.


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