Multi-Car Crash Shuts Down I-485 in Charlotte

At about 7 a.m. Monday morning, a multi-car crash shuts down I-485 for about 5 hours. The accident took place along the outer loop of the highway near Moores Chapel Road. The road was closed until about 11:45 a.m.

The accident involved several cars. Highway reporters announced that at least one of the cars was on fire. Charlotte Fire Department confirmed that at least one person had died at the scene.

The accident was so bad that traffic built up for about 8 miles, all the way back to Oakdale Road. Given the busy time of the morning, it’s fortunate that not more cars were involved in the crash.

Cars were redirected to alternate routes pending the reopening of the highway.

Investigators have not released any information regarding the victim. Nor have they reported on how the other injured driver is doing. They also have no information on what caused the crash or why so many cars were involved.

Charlotte accident lawyers see multi-car accidents all the time. They work hard to unravel these crashes to help determine liability. This is the only way they can get their clients justice.

In most car accident cases, the police are able to determine a cause, or a likely cause, at the scene. But when so many cars are involved, it can be difficult. Their primary concern is getting the accident scene cleared so they can reopen the road. They also don’t want anyone else to get injured.

If you or your loved one were involved in this accident, or any other crash, call and talk to experienced lawyers in Charlotte. They can help you get compensation for your injuries and deal with the insurance companies.