Pedestrian Dies After Being Struck by Semi-Truck in Harrisburg

pedestrian accident

A woman was killed just after 5 a.m. on Friday when a semi-truck struck her near the junction of Irwinton Road and Pineway Drive.

The woman, whose name has not been released, was reportedly standing in the roadway when she was struck.

This was confirmed by the commander of the Georgia State Patrol post in Milledgeville, Sgt. First Class Robbie Roberson.

The authorities said she was nude at the time.

The truck was going in a southerly direction on Irwinton Road in the area of Pineway Drive while the victim was standing in the left southbound lane.

Her name is expected to be released after her next-of-kin is notified.

It is not yet known if the driver will face any charges.

Baldwin County Deputy Coroner Steve Chapple is looking into the case along with Trooper Patrick Prosser of the GSP’s Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team.

People on foot often suffer injuries to their head, hands and feet, abdomen, and chest when they get struck by a vehicle. However, several factors determine how severe the injuries will be and whether the victim will survive.

These include the individual’s age and health status as well as the type of vehicle involved and how fast the driver was traveling.

Pedestrians who are struck by truck are at high risk of death. This is because they have even less to protect them than the occupants of passenger cars who are also vulnerable to massive commercial vehicles.

They may fall to the ground, get run over, or get thrown into a building or onto the hood of the car.

If your loved one died after they were struck by a vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation. A Georgia pedestrian accident can assist you in filing a claim.


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