Officer Struck and Seriously Injured in Roadside Crash in Atlanta

Ambulance concept photo as a roadside crash in Atlanta injured a police officer

The police are never happy when they hear that they need to report to an accident scene. But it’s even worse when the person injured is one of their own. Sadly, this is what happened with a roadside crash in Atlanta on Wednesday, October 20.

Officer Steven Randerson had pulled over on the shoulder of the road on Interstate-75 to investigate an accident. He had gotten out of his vehicle and stood on the right shoulder of the road as is standard procedure. The man who had been involved in the single car accident was also standing on the shoulder of the highway explaining what had happened with the crash.

Authorities have confirmed that the roads were wet at the time of the accident.

While the officer was talking to the initial accident victim an SUV had been speeding down the Interstate despite the wet conditions. He lost control of his vehicle and proceeded to drive onto the shoulder at the exact spot the officer was standing. 

Rescue crews came out to the scene of the roadside crash in Atlanta and immediately transported both the officer and the two drivers involved in the separate accidents. While all three sustained serious injuries, the officer’s injuries were so severe he is not able to return to duty anytime soon.

At this point, the investigation is still underway. There has been no mention of drugs or alcohol playing a role in the crash. However, the authorities did report that the SUV driver who hit the officer was speeding when he lost control of his vehicle.

The names of the other two individuals involved in the crash have not been released as of yet. 

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