Truck Carrying Explosives Crashes in Georgia Causing Road Closures

Image showing a truck flipped over after an accident

A truck carrying Explosives Crashes in Georgia Causing Road Closures, it had 10,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate, a powerful explosive, flipped over on a highway in Georgia, northeast of Atlanta, on Tuesday. The accident caused an evacuation of the area near Silver City.

Some of the fuel from the truck was spilling out onto the highway (53 East), which caused concerns about public safety. Early reports about the nature of the contents of the truck were conflicting, with the Associated Press claiming that the truck, which crashed 70 miles NE of Atlanta, was loaded with dynamite. It was later confirmed that the liquid coming out of the truck was an emulsion of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil.

The truck was involved in a four-vehicle crash at around 5:30AM, which led to it overturning. Emergency services advised people that they should avoid the area while hazmat contractors took measures to mitigate the incident and clean up the explosives.

There were no homes in the immediate evacuation area, but the highway was expected to be closed for several hours while the cleanup took place. Two of the people involved in the crash suffered minor injuries, and the area which saw the road closures included a mile-long stretch near the Premium Outlets mall in North Georgia, as reported by WMAZ.

The truck was designed to carry the explosives safely, but since some of the emulsion was leaking out of the truck the Dawson County Fire and Emergency Services warned travelers to stay away from the area. Motorists were advised to follow alternative routes. The explosives were designed to be used for blasting in mining, site clearing and construction, and the risk appears to have been mitigated now.

The highway has since re-opened thanks to the prompt aid of local, state and private partners who helped to mitigate the risk posed by the leaking emulsion.

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