Two Children in Charlotte Charged in Death of 11-Year Old Boy

Two Children Charged in Death of Boy

If you have children, you know how scary it can be to let your kids play outside by themselves. Whether they’re riding their bike or playing ball, your biggest fear is that they’ll get hit by a car. You teach them to look both ways before they cross the street. And you hold your breath every time you hear a car screech its brakes.  It can also be scary to drive your car down the road and have a child dart out into the road. This is just what happened this week in Charlotte, North Carolina where two children were charged in the death of an 11-year old boy. An 11-year old boy and a 12-year old girl were fighting in the middle of the street with the victim. The authorities believe that they pushed the other young boy into the street in front of a car.

The car ended up hitting the victim. While he was rushed to the hospital, he later died as a result of his injuries. Despite their young age, the two pre-teens that were fighting with the victim have been charged. We imagine they have been taken to the juvenile detention facility although that has not yet been confirmed.

Police responded to a call on Rama Road at the intersection of Cabotwood Lane at about 6:25 pm. That’s when they found the two young people who had been fighting. They also found the victim lying in the street. There has been no information regarding the identify of the victim. There has also been no information regarding the identity of the driver who hit the victim.

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