Two Killed in High-Speed Crash in Catoosa County

Fatal Plane Crash in Putnam County

Whenever we read about a high-speed chase in Georgia, the results are never good. When someone is trying to run away from the police, they take all sorts of risks. Sadly, when this happens, it’s usually an innocent victim who is hurt or killed. This was the case this past week after a high-speed crash in Catoosa County.

The police had received a call that a vehicle was stolen from the Circle K gas station located near Battlefield Parkway and Smitherman Road. It was about 11 pm on Thursday, June 4, 2020.

It didn’t take long for the police to spot the stolen vehicle. They attempted to pull the suspect over, but he took off. The police tried to pursue the vehicle, but it was going more than 100 mph at the time. The officers said they didn’t get within 200 yards of the vehicle before it hit another car.

The driver of the stolen car was speeding in the Northbound lanes of I-75 when he drove his car underneath a pickup truck. This pushed the truck across the lanes of the Interstate causing it to roll over. It hit the median and guardrail and ended up in the Southbound lanes. Sadly, the person driving the pickup truck did not survive their injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene. Their name has not yet been released.

The person driving the stolen car lost control of their vehicle after the collision. They ran off the shoulder and flipped over. The driver was ejected and killed immediately. The police are still investigating the accident. The family of the victim will likely have a claim against the thief. However, they’ll have to wait for the investigation to be complete.

If your loved one is hurt in any sort of motor vehicle accident in Georgia, contact our office right away.


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