Two Victims Were Killed as Suspects Were Fleeing Police in a Stolen SUV

Suspects Were Fleeing Police in a Stolen SUV

Nobody imagines that they would be the victim of a carjacking. But, these kinds of things happen every day. Desperate people do desperate things. However, when they go a step further and injure other victims along the way, it is even more heartbreaking. This is what happened in Atlanta this weekend when two victims were killed as suspects were fleeing police in a stolen SUV.

Two teenagers held up a driver at gunpoint and stole their white Jeep Cherokee. They had the car for hours while the police tried to track them down. They stole the car outside a Wells Fargo bank. A day later, the police spotted the car in downtown Atlanta.

The first time the authorities spotted the stolen vehicle, they lost track of them. A few hours later, they saw the vehicle again on Lee Street. The vehicle saw the cops were after them and took off. They crashed head-on into a car with two people inside the car moments later. The crash happened at the intersection of Lee Street, Campbelton Road and Dill Avenue.

As a result of the crash, two people were killed. 43-year old Mark Hampton and 44-year old Jermaine Jackson were killed when the stolen car crashed into their vehicle.

Two suspects have been arrested. Both are 19 years old. Emmanuel Fambro and Marquell Scott were both arrested and charged with a slew of offenses. The families of the victims have not yet reached out with a statement.

The families of the victims may have a claim for wrongful death against the suspects. The problem is, in cases like this, the culprits won’t have any insurance and no assets.

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