Woman Arrested Following Crash in Baldwin County

weekend crash in Georgetown

A Milledgeville woman is facing charges of failure to yield right-of-way and violation of the Georgia Child Restraint Law after a February 16 crash in Baldwin County.

The woman was identified as 30-year-old Dezeree Ingle, according to press reports published on February 20.

A two-year-old boy was thrown from Ingle’s car during a collision with a pickup truck. The accident happened just before 5 p.m. on U.S. Highway 441 close to Lake Sinclair.

According to officials, traffic came to a standstill as vehicles backed up for more than two miles from Baldwin County to Putnam County.

Acting Commander of the Georgia State Patrol post in Milledgeville, Sergeant Kevin Pope shared details of the crash. He said a 2008 Chevrolet Silverado struck Ingles’s black Ford Mustang when she pulled out of Waffle House onto the highway.

Ingle was attempting to go south on 441 when the crash in Baldwin County occurred.

Pope said it wasn’t a “traditional” T-bone collision in which the door is struck. Rather, the front of the pickup hit the right front corner of the Mustang’s passenger side.

The driver of the Silverado was 53-year-old Michael Mixon of Eatonton who Cpl. Steven Stone said was heading south in the left lane of the highway.

According to Pope, Ingle failed to yield the right of way and her car rotated clockwise following the impact. This caused the right rear side of the car to hit the truck’s left rear side.

Pope said the child was ejected and the car ended up facing north in the center turn lane. He added that while there was a car seat in the car, the little boy wasn’t buckled in it. However, he didn’t sustain any serious injuries. 

Both the child and the drivers were treated at the scene.

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Source: https://www.unionrecorder.com/news/child-thrown-out-of-car-in-two-vehicle-crash/article_f4f3e86c-7307-11eb-b9e9-8710b8996776.html

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