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Suffering a personal injury is abrupt and often devastating – emotionally, physically, and financially. In some cases, victims can obtain compensation to cover medical bills by filing an insurance claim. However, more serious injury cases or cases of disputed liability may necessitate finding a Charlotte personal injury lawyer to file a lawsuit to recover damages. In either case, a Charlotte accident attorney or bodily injury lawyer from Ted A. Greve & Associates can help with bodily injuries.

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To receive damages, you need to prove negligence and causation, as well as document your losses due to the accident. This relies on evidence. This evidence is the same whether you file an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit.

First, you must prove the other party had a legal duty to take certain actions or avoid certain actions in order to keep you safe. In some cases, this may be easy to establish. For example, a motorist must follow all traffic laws. If a motorist broke a law, it will probably be easy to establish liability. In this case, a police report would be very beneficial, as the report would note whether officers issued a citation to the other driver.

In other cases, it is more complicated. For example, if a dog bites you while in the care of someone other than its owner, you need to discuss your case with a Charlotte personal injury lawyer to determine if the caregiver or owner is responsible for your injuries.

Next, you must show the at-fault party breached their legal duty through negligent action, or inaction. For example, in medical malpractice or nursing home abuse cases, expert witnesses often must testify to what actions most healthcare practitioners would take.

Then, you must provide proof that the negligence caused your injuries. You must prove that if not for the defendant’s actions, you would not have sustained your injury. For example, if you were walking across the street when a car struck you, you can prove that your traumatic brain injury was the direct result of the defendant running a red light.

Lastly, you must show proof of your damages. Because the amount of compensation you receive relies on your actual losses from the accident, your medical bills, past pay stubs, and receipts pertaining to your injury are important. A journal or other record of your physical and emotional struggles may also provide proof of pain and suffering.
What types of damages can I recover?

You can recover two types of damages in a personal injury claim or lawsuit. These include economic damages – those calculated based on actual losses – and noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering. Different laws apply to workers comp.

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In most situations, economic damages are fairly easy to prove after an accident. You have a stack of medical bills and proof of missed work. Most monetary losses come with written reminders in the form of bills to use as evidence. Consider all of your losses due to the accident, and collect documentation for each. Include:

  • Medical bills for emergency treatment
  • Costs of ongoing medical care
  • Rehabilitation costs, including physical therapy
  • Lost wages
  • Lost future wages, if you cannot return to your job
  • Costs related to nursing care or assistance with activities of daily living
  • Any other monetary losses due to the incident

Noneconomic damages are where most disagreement occurs in settlement talks with insurance companies. The amount tied to these losses is subjective and depends entirely on what you negotiate with the insurance company or the court’s determination. Noneconomic damages can include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental stress and anxiety
  • Loss of enjoyment in former hobbies
  • Decrease in quality of life
  • Negative impacts on personal relationships

While there are no bills to prove the monetary value of your pain and suffering and other emotional damages, you still need to prove these losses. Keeping a journal including doctor’s appointments, records of treatment, pain level, and notes about your emotional and mental health often helps. Other options include expert testimony and medical records from a therapist or other healthcare provider.

Note: Because North Carolina operates under the contributory negligence doctrine, if an investigation finds you even one percent responsible you will not be eligible to recover compensation for damages. This is why it is imperative that you prove absolute liability.

What are the statutes of limitations on personal injury suits in North Carolina?

Each state sets time limits on how long you have to file a personal injury lawsuit. North Carolina law limits you to a three-year period following the date of the accident. While this statute of limitations only applies to lawsuits, filing an insurance claim before your eligibility to file a lawsuit runs out is advantageous.

While the three-year statute of limitations applies in most cases, the rules are different if the defendant is the government or a government agency. Getting compensation from the government is a complex process, so discussing your situation with a lawyer as soon as possible is important. Advice and guidance from a Charlotte personal injury attorney and accident attorney are key in recovering damages in these cases.

North Carolina’s Injury Laws

Like many states, North Carolina law outlines the minimum liability insurance coverage that all motorists must carry. According to the North Carolina Department of Insurance, these laws require that drivers have:

  • At least $25,000 coverage for property damage
  • At least $30,000 bodily injury coverage per person, $60,000 per accident
  • Uninsured motorist (UM) coverage

North Carolina is a “fault state” which means the at-fault party in an accident is responsible for paying for any property damage and personal injuries sustained in an accident. The law refers to this responsibility as liability, hence the term “liability insurance.”

By requiring motorists to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance, the state ensures those injured in an accident have an option to recoup their expenses and other damages through the liable driver’s insurance company.

In most cases, victims of North Carolina auto accidents have three ways to get the compensation they need to repair their vehicle and cover medical costs. These include:

  • Filing a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company based on his liability policy
  • Filing a claim with their own car insurance company, especially if they carry a collision policy (If the at-fault driver is uninsured, underinsured, or flees the scene of the accident, victims can turn to their own UM/UIM coverage.)
  • Filing a lawsuit against the at-fault driver

Personal Injury Claims Process

In the vast majority of North Carolina personal injury claim, the first step is notifying the at-fault party’s insurance company.

When you contact the insurer, expect to answer a few basic questions such as your name, date and location of the accident, and whether or not you sustained any injuries. It is important, though, not to discuss the incident at length with the adjuster. Even if the adjuster threatens that your claim will take longer to process, it is never advantageous to give a recorded statement before speaking with a personal injury attorney.

In a simple situation, the adjuster may quickly investigate the case, total your damages, and offer a settlement that meets your needs. In more complicated situations, including those where liability is in question or where severe injuries occurred, a personal injury attorney is your best ally. A Charlotte personal injury lawyer may be able to advocate for you through the negotiation process and reach an agreeable settlement without having to file a lawsuit.

Note: Never accept a settlement award before calculating all possible damages (past, present, and future) and always run the settlement by an attorney. Once you accept an award, you cannot go back later and ask for more money.
When a settlement agreement is out of reach, filing a personal injury lawsuit in the North Carolina courts is the next step. In some cases, simply filing a suit is enough to push the insurance company to offer more money.

If it is not, your personal injury and accident attorney will collect evidence and build a strong case to support your need for compensation to cover the cost of your injuries. The defendant’s legal team will also launch an investigation and collect evidence in an attempt to show its client was not negligent, that his actions did not cause your injuries, or that your damages are not as high as you claim.

Note: Remember that you must continue medical coverage and follow doctor’s orders throughout the entirety of the process. If an adjuster finds out, during her investigation, that you have ceased going to your appointments or are disregarding your doctor’s orders, she may claim that you are faking your injuries or that they are not as bad as you claim.

Once both sides present the evidence, the rest is up to the Mecklenburg County court judge or jury. If the court awards you damages, you may choose to receive your payment in a lump sum or receive payments over time. Your personal injury attorney can request the option that best suits your needs, and will advise you on the pros and cons of each.

If you have been injured in Charlotte, it would be best to seek immediate medical attention. Major hospitals and other medical facilities in Charlotte, North Carolina include:

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