Birth Injuries

Birth Injuries

All medical professionals have an obligation to their patients to provide them with a reasonable amount of care. A mistake on the part of a doctor or nurse in the delivery room, whether due to inexperience or carelessness, can lead to distressing consequences. Birth injuries, such as C-section errors and delivery errors, may leave a newborn child mentally or physically impaired or disabled. Every year, six out of every 1,000 infants in the United States suffer birth injuries caused by a preventable medical error or a complicated delivery.

Medical professionals may make mistakes such as the incorrect use of a vacuum or forceps, failing to supply oxygen to the newborn, failing to address fetal distress, administering a wrong dosage of medications, or the unnecessary use of force.

Temporary childbirth injuries include broken bones, fractures, cuts, back injuries, neck injuries, and excessive swelling. Hypoxia, Erb’s palsy, cerebral palsy, and shoulder dystocia are among the most common birth injuries, and can result in a lifetime of severe disabilities and medical expenses, as well as emotional and financial challenges for both the child and the child’s family. A seriously injured newborn may need prolonged medications, long-term medical treatment and rehabilitative therapy.

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