Emotional Distress

Emotional Distress

Emotional distress is a type of claim of damages for injury due to either the intentional acts or negligence of another. Severe emotional distress refers to any form of disabling mental or emotional condition, including neurosis, chronic depression, psychosis or phobia, which may be recognized and diagnosed by the proper medical professionals. Temporary anxiety or fright, regret, or disappointment, on the other hand, is not considered severe emotional distress.

While filing a claim for emotional distress in the United States used to require proof of physical injuries in order to recover damages, recent laws have deemed it possible to award monetary damages to a victim of emotional distress without contact or physical injury.

In the state of North Carolina, an individual is held accountable for the intentional infliction of emotional distress if the victim or plaintiff can prove that the defendant’s conduct was outrageous and extreme, that the conduct was intended to cause severe emotional distress, and that the defendant’s conduct did in fact cause severe emotional distress. Although the definition of outrageous conduct can be subjective, it should be more than just threats, annoyances, insults, and petty oppressions.

In cases of emotional distress, the defendant is held liable for all of the victim’s injuries resulting from his or her conduct, regardless of whether or not the defendant could have foreseen them.

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