Herniated Disc Injuries

Herniated Disc Injuries

Herniated discs, which are often known as slipped discs, ruptured discs or prolapsed discs, are injuries that usually occur in the lumbar spine or the lower part of an individual’s back.

A disc is a soft, spongy cushion sitting between each of the spine’s vertebrae. The disc prevents the spine’s bones from coming into contact with one another. While the disc is elastic and soft in young individuals, it gradually loses elasticity over time and becomes more vulnerable to injury. Trauma from a fall, lifting heavy objects or a motor vehicle crash can thus cause the disc to herniate or rupture. The cushion is pushed outside of its normal position with a herniated disc, and the nerves may become pinched.

Common symptoms of a herniated disc include tingling and numbness, muscle weakness, pain running down the arms or legs, and in extreme cases, bladder or bowel problems. These symptoms are caused by the irritation of the nerve from the herniated disc.

Herniated discs injuries can be extremely painful and possibly debilitating. In certain cases, surgery is needed to repair the herniated disc. A victim may also need months of limited activity, medication, and physical therapy. Without proper treatment and care, this form of injury can destroy an individual’s quality of life.

Victims suffering from a herniated disc injury are left to deal with mounting medical expenses, loss of wages, and pain and suffering. Family members may also deal with economic losses, mental anguish, as well as loss of companionship in caring for an injured loved one.

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