Pain and Suffering

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering, which typically accompany an injury, are also known as physical and emotional stress. It also refers to discomfort caused by the treatment of physical injuries, depression, disfigurement and scarring, post-traumatic stress disorder, and limitations on daily activities resulting from an accident.

Judges, adjusters and lawyers cannot simply arrive at the amount of monetary compensation deserved based on how a victim feels. In order to quantify a victim’s pain and suffering, they take into consideration several factors, such as the victim’s age, marital status, sex and occupation, the severity of the victim’s injuries, when the injuries were reported to the doctor, the received treatments and tests, the pain resulting from the medical treatment, whether the doctor’s orders were followed, the likelihood of a full recovery, and the impact the injuries may have on the victim’s home and work life.

An individual must therefore be able to present specific documents to prove his or her injuries or illness, as symptoms and signs may not always be physically apparent. These documents include medical reports, medical bills, a list of required medication, photos of the injury, proof of lost wages, length of recovery period time, treatments and amount of time needed to heal, and the number of activities affected by injury.

While laws clearly state that there is no maximum amount of damages a victim may receive for pain and suffering, majority of the nation’s states restrict the amount of pain and suffering awards that a victim may receive due to economic concerns.

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