Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash Injuries

A whiplash injury is also called a neck strain or neck sprain, and is a soft tissue injury triggered by sudden or abrupt neck distortions. Also referred to as cervical acceleration-deceleration or CAD, whiplash injuries are one of the most common nonfatal injuries or conditions resulting from motor vehicle accidents. In fact, over three million whiplash injuries are reported on an annual basis.

Whiplash injuries account for roughly half of chronic neck pain complaints in the United States, and are often associated with low speed rear impact vehicular accidents. While whiplash injuries can result from cycling, horse riding, a sudden fall, being struck by an object on the head, or high-impact sports such as boxing, football and karate, motor vehicle accidents are the primary cause of whiplash injury in the country.

This injury is generally caused by a powerful jerk that moves the head away from the body, thus resulting the neck to move past its average range of motion, and overstretching muscles, tendons and ligaments in the process. For most patients suffering from this form of injury, the pain will often leave after several days, although full recovery can take up to three months.

Common symptoms of this injury include back pain, blurred vision, abnormal sensations, impaired concentration, delayed neck pain or stiffness, dizziness, fatigue, depression, irritability, headache, myofascial injuries, nervousness, memory loss, shoulder pain, and sleep disturbance. Although this injury is quite common, it can oftentimes be difficult to diagnose.

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