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Bad Product/Bad Drug

In America, there are approximately 200,000 fatalities every year due to the harmful side effects and adverse reactions to prescription drugs. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon that individuals who take prescription drugs have to suffer injury or even die before there is a prescription medication recall.

When an injury or wrongful death occurs and the victim or a surviving family member files a claim, the case is based on personal injury law. The case will generally fall into various subcategories such as product failure, medical negligence, or medical malpractice, or pharmaceutical injury.

Every year, however, thousands of individuals suffer complications due to the intake of certain supplements and medications. A study conducted in 1995 showed pharmaceuticals were responsible for about 10 percent of all hospital admissions as well as drug-induced illnesses that could have been avoided. Apart from causing injuries and death, these illnesses resulted in increased expenses due to medical treatment, a loss of income, and disability claims.

According to the law, drug manufacturers and prescribing health providers are held liable for any unsafe medications, drugs, and medical devices. A drug manufacturer may particularly be held liable if they fail to correctly design, manufacture, inspect or label pharmaceuticals. They may also be held responsible for a patient’s injuries if they fail to warn the public of a drug’s dangers or potential side effects.

Medical malpractice, on the other hand, may exist if it can be proven that a healthcare provider or professional placed their own personal interests or that of the industry above the patient’s best interests. It is considered illegal for a physician to acquire financial or material gain in exchange for prescribing a specific drug.

Among the drugs that appear to be more problematic or controversial in the industry are Accutane, Avandia, Baycol, Celebrex, Ephedra, Fosamax, Lamisil, Lotronex, Meridia, Oxycontin, Prempro, Propulsid, Rezulin, Serzone, Vioxx, and Yaz-Yasmin.

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